Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.2 or greater within 300 mi
Update time = Wed, 21-Mar-2018 3:36pm PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
6 mi E of La Pine, Oregon 1.5 000377234 mi 1521662322Wed, 21-Mar-2018 12:58pm PDT map
2 mi NNW of Kingston, Washington 1.3 000189117 mi 1521656356Wed, 21-Mar-2018 11:19am PDT map
5 mi SSE of Orting, Washington 1.5 00015697 mi 1521652367Wed, 21-Mar-2018 10:12am PDT map
16 mi S of Morton, Washington 1.3 00013685 mi 1521612891Tue, 20-Mar-2018 11:14pm PDT map
9 mi ESE of Enumclaw, Washington 1.2 000185115 mi 1521574644Tue, 20-Mar-2018 12:37pm PDT map
6 mi E of Sutherlin, Oregon 1.4 000351218 mi 1521573166Tue, 20-Mar-2018 12:12pm PDT map
12 mi E of Canyonville, Oregon 1.2 000402250 mi 1521569118Tue, 20-Mar-2018 11:05am PDT map
2 mi N of Port Townsend, Washington 2.6 000210130 mi 1521557431Tue, 20-Mar-2018 7:50am PDT map
6 mi SSW of Princeton, Canada 2.1 000413257 mi 1521493890Mon, 19-Mar-2018 2:11pm PDT map
1 mi NNE of Hobart, Washington 1.4 000190118 mi 1521469667Mon, 19-Mar-2018 7:27am PDT map
15 mi E of Eatonville, Washington 1.5 000166103 mi 1521464047Mon, 19-Mar-2018 5:54am PDT map
15 mi E of Eatonville, Washington 1.5 000165103 mi 1521452337Mon, 19-Mar-2018 2:38am PDT map
12 mi NE of Packwood, Washington 1.3 000195121 mi 1521399951Sun, 18-Mar-2018 12:05pm PDT map
2 mi W of Mercer Island, Washington 2.7 000181112 mi 1521326137Sat, 17-Mar-2018 3:35pm PDT map
14 mi SSW of Princeton, Canada 2.2 000402250 mi 1521321365Sat, 17-Mar-2018 2:16pm PDT map
14 mi SSW of Princeton, Canada 1.9 000402250 mi 1521306966Sat, 17-Mar-2018 10:16am PDT map
2 mi ENE of Lewisville, Washington 2.1 00014188 mi 1521267626Fri, 16-Mar-2018 11:20pm PDT map
4 mi W of Vashon, Washington 1.2 00015797 mi 1521258114Fri, 16-Mar-2018 8:41pm PDT map
9 mi E of Enumclaw, Washington 1.3 000187116 mi 1521248709Fri, 16-Mar-2018 6:05pm PDT map
2 mi ENE of Gold Bar, Washington 1.2 000237147 mi 1521243789Fri, 16-Mar-2018 4:43pm PDT map
6 mi SSW of Morton, Washington 1.2 00013382 mi 1521238348Fri, 16-Mar-2018 3:12pm PDT map
Off the coast of Oregon 4.0 000471293 mi 1521188603Fri, 16-Mar-2018 1:23am PDT map
4 mi NW of Wauna, Washington 2.3 00014590 mi 1521139985Thu, 15-Mar-2018 11:53am PDT map
11 mi NE of Rockport, Washington 1.4 000306190 mi 1521134515Thu, 15-Mar-2018 10:21am PDT map
25 mi W of Port Alberni, Canada 2.8 000327203 mi 1521095278Wed, 14-Mar-2018 11:27pm PDT map
2 mi SW of Ault Field, Washington 2.6 000228142 mi 1521071581Wed, 14-Mar-2018 4:53pm PDT map
8 mi W of Redmond, Oregon 2.1 000323201 mi 1521071095Wed, 14-Mar-2018 4:44pm PDT map

27 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.